As I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to write about in this blog, one idea seems to be becoming abundantly clear.  As I’ve posted on social media over the years, largely I’ve played it safe.  By playing it safe it means I haven’t done too much to stir the pot.  I’ve tried to avoid some of my more controversial opinions, especially regarding hot potato subjects such as politics and religion.  Since my goal in this blog is to communicate more clearly about my “musical mission” (The Reasons Why I continue to write, record and perform music), I’ve realized that it’s important to provide a much more unfiltered view of these opinions in this blog.  Bottom line: I ain’t gonna mince words here.  I’ll still play nice on social media though 🙂

I realize that there are people in my life who will probably be hurt or offended by some of the stuff I write here.  I anticipate that some people may even feel like I’m targeting them or intentionally trying to hurt them.  I promise, that is NOT my goal in this blog.  If you are offended by what I write, please keep that in mind.  It’s just important for this blog to reflect who I really am.   I will welcome thoughtful discussion about my opinions.  However I also know that sometimes controversy brings out the trolls and anonymous haters.  If you have to resort to those kind of tactics, you’re just a fucker…that is, you’re a fucker that has little to no chance of actually getting under my skin.

So, with that out of the way, welcome to my Blog.  I look forward to writing a lot about life as a songwriter, performer in real life and virtual worlds, being an ex-Mormon in Utah, a man with a loving fiancé, a pseudogeek and more.