Your mission should you choose to accept it.

If my inner child was writing this, he’d insist that I write about cool things like robots, jetpacks, and foiling evil plots to take over the world. The inner teenager would probably disagree since “nobody really believes in that stuff.” Admittedly, I’ve probably spent more of my adult life listening to the inner teenager and not enough time listening to the inner child. I’ve now resolved to remedy that situation. As a result, I am looking to build an army that will┬ástrap on jetpacks with me so we can fight the evil robots and foil their evil plot(s) to take over the world.


So are there really evil robots and do they really want to take over the world? Of course there are, and they already have! It’s been reported that six media companies control 90% of the media in America. That’s an amazingly small number of gatekeepers for a pretty big and diverse population. With music, these gatekeepers have proven that its more important for them to market image rather than music. The music they give us is often over-produced, over-compressed and lacks depth.

So how do we away control from the evil robot media corporations that control the music world? Talking more about music that’s made for the sake of the music and not for an image would be a good start. It would benefit us all to share more of the music that we’ve found outside of the influence of the big six.

Many of you reading this are long time veterans of the live music scene on Second Life, or perhaps other indie music scenes (like the former If you’re like me, you’ve heard a lot of really awesome music in these places that is considered unknown or obscure that deserves to be heard. The only way it gets heard is if people share this music with their friends and other folks. So get out there and blog about it, post about it on social media, and share links to your favorite indie artists websites, videos and other places that we share music.

So I’m guessing you wouldn’t expect me to make a post like this where I didn’t put my money where my mouth was, right? Right. So here are a couple of songs that I think you should listen to today:

Frenzy by Lyndon Heart

At Any Rate by Sean Kagalis

So who’s with me?