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Title : Evolve
Release Date : December 5, 2004
Format : Digital Download

Track listing:

  1. Just Be Fabulous   4:19
  2. Sail Away   3:46
  3. Drive into the Blue  3:51
  4. Fall  4:13
  5. Annie’s Theme  5:03
  6. Caff-fiend  3:32
  7. Hungover  3:27
  8. My Precious Little Swan  5:32
  9. Overwhelmed  3:48
  10. When Love Dies  4:40
  11. Escape from the Ventville Steamer  4:47



All songs (except When Love Dies):

Words and Music by Eric Steffensen. All guitars, vocals, bass and keyboards by Eric Steffensen. Drums by Brian Stephens. Mixed by Ed Unger at Blue Sound Studios, Atlanta, GA. Copyright 2004 by Eric Steffensen.

When Love Dies credits

Words and Music by Eric Steffensen and Pattie Radford. All guitars, vocals and bass by Eric Steffensen. Drums by Brian Stephens. Mixed by Ed Unger at Blue Sound Studios, Atlanta, GA. Copyright 2004 by Eric Steffensen.

Eric Steffensen would like to personally thank:

Clarence, Gene, Meggio, Alvaro, Tom, Patricia, Kristina, Collette, Lisa J, Lisa O or S or M or whatever your last initial is these days, Carly & Mason from the Precinct and Adam and Stefan from Goat Beard for bringing your crowd to the shows we did together, All of the other folks at AW for making my day job enjoyable, my old bandmates Blair and Ed and your lovely wives Julie and Jen for supporting our attempt to rock Atlanta, Jed, Bobbi and Coleman, Dave, Scott and everyone else at, Kim Novak, Mick OD, Milo Black, James William Hobby, Tammy Swindell, Xerx from Superluminal Pachyderm, TJ from That’s Power, Jeez and Cheez, Bob Savage, Bobby Bensley, Chris and Pattie, Ric Swanson, Micks, Frank Farrow and anyone else who knows what a meatl sammich is, Ted Lehman, the crew from my college dorms, Jamie, Ruth, Monica, Alex, Zack and Zack and a bunch of other people I haven’t seen for like 15 years for putting up with the many hours of me playing terrible cover tunes in the dorm lobby, my musical heroes Michael Stipe, Billy Corgan, Dave Grohl, Sting, Eric Clapton, Robert Smith and all the others who inspired me, my little bro Ray (Brian) who is also an amazing songwriter, your lovely wife, and all my other siblings Marc, Kevin & Heather for putting up with me growing up, Mom & Dad, Luna and of course Ruthie – you know I love you really really

In SL, just the short time I’ve been here there have been so many supportive people, but a few really stick out: Angelica Svenska, you have been so very helpful and you have a great voice, keep singing no matter what! Sternchen Bellic from the Old Barn thank you so much giving me a chance with my first SL gig and promoting the HELL out of it, and of course Throughthesewalls Moody and your team at MUSIC NOT POLITICS for opening my eyes to the potential that Second Life has for my music and the music of many other independent artists. And of course I’d like to thank all the other supporters of indie music.